Boots On The Ground

Connecting North American and European Businesses to Latin American Markets.





  • Do you lack contacts in Colombia but would like to explore a business opportunity there?
  • Do you need further evaluation or expansion of your current network in Colombia before getting into business?
  • Do you need help in setting up a local office and administrative duties on taxes and foreign investment?
  • Would you like to invest in Real Estate or other expanding markets in Colombia?
  • Would you like to personally visit Colombia and need backup in the logistics of organization and negotiations?


Successful expansion into Colombian markets requires personal relationships and an on-the-ground presence.


Is that what you are set out to do? Then read on…


I have made it my full time task to provide this to you with my 45 years of international experience and I can do this for you like very few could.  I will work efficiently with your firm to establish relationships, vet out opportunities, and provide all the local support  to your needs as we analyze potential Colombian markets and productively develop local projects.


Check the CLIENTS and TESTIMONIALS links above to encounter other professionals and companies that have already successfully used my services.